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Museums, historical sites and re-enactment events (pdf file)

Master and Commander: A Weekend with Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin 

Oct. 16-18, 2015

Jane Austen Festival 

May 29-31, 2015

Jane Austen Dancing (Austen-themed balls, workshops, conferences and other events)

Choreography and consulting for film, stage and television

Workshops for schools

1812/Jane Austen dance performance group

War of 1812 events and curriculum (pdf file)

Corporate team-building workshops and municipal events

York Regency Society

Fundraisers and community events

Public or private classes in modern and historical English Country Dancing and waltz Toussaint: Traditions of the Dark Months Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, barn dances, block parties

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Karen Millyard is the founder and director of Danceweavers and JaneAustenDancing. Trained in classical dance, theatre and English literature, she teaches historical and folk dance, with years of experience in teaching, lecturing, museum work, calling and consulting. She works with both experienced and new dancers, of all ages.

Updated July 23, 2015

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