Master and Commander

A Weekend in Nelson's Navy


September 22 - 24, 2017

at historic Montgomery’s Inn,

National Historic Site Fort York, Campbell House Museum 

& aboard Toronto Brigantine tall ship Playfair


Presenters include

Distinguished naval historian Victor Suthren speaking on daily life in the Royal Navy

Thomas Hurlbut on Jack Aubrey's ships, both real & fictional

Andre Reed with a selection of his antique navigational instruments

Kat Akerfeldt of Toronto's First Post Office and Museum

Fritz the Ship's Carpenter

Dancing Mistress Karen Millyard, and more! 

Merchants include Linda's Early Fashions, The Nautical Mind bookstore and Joseph the Chandler.

The year is 1800. Standing on the deck of a British warship, you hear the wind snapping her sails and the creak of her wooden hull. Then — a strange ship is sighted on the horizon, and you're off in hot pursuit! 

This event offers a unique immersive experience: you will spend the weekend in the world of the Royal Navy of 200 years ago. Master and Commander, made into a major motion picture starring Russell Crowe, was just the beginning. 

You will learn about every detail of life both aboard ship and on shore, from writing with quill pens to eating the foods sailors knew, learning the dances they loved, tying knots or trying out a few cutlass moves! 

Popular ballads and sea chanties, harbour cruise aboard a tall ship, five historical meals by firelight, a real lieutenants' examination board, daily rations of grog, dancing, mustering to divisions and reading the Articles of War, demonstrations, and much, much more! You can do pay-as-you-go or register for the full weekend. Pre-registration encouraged, and meals must be booked in advance.

Montgomery’s Inn, 4709 Dundas St West at Islington; free parking. 

Preliminary Schedule


Registration form

More details will be posted soon, including information on local accommodations. Please note that the registration form offers two sets of prices, in both Canadian and American currency. 

Tickets can be purchased in advance by cheque, money order or electronic transfer. Pre-registration is strongly recommended, particularly if you wish to purchase meal tickets.

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